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We can get you through this

We’ve created Pinnacle Trauma Services specifically for organisations that want to support employees experiencing a traumatic incident, as well as those that want to be proactive and put systems in place for the future.

How we can help:


We help employees move on from the stress of Covid-19 by boosting productivity and performance at the time your business needs it most.

We’re here for you

We ensure that organisations and their employees have all the support they need to be able to move on from a traumatic situation, and we work with managers to give them all the training and tools necessary to help make that happen.

We have frontline experience
Our founder Richard Reid has plenty of frontline experience and expertise with serious trauma. He has extensive experience of working with bluelight and key workers, both as a psychotherapist for the City of London Police and with the Met Police’s witness protection programme, often dealing with trauma. In his role supporting the trauma dept of Transport for London, he has treated trauma victims of the Kings Cross fire, as well as survivors of the 7/7 bombings.
We’re a scalable team
We’re a lean organisation that can scale up quickly and easily to give you the flexible partnership you need. We’ve got an international multilingual network that can be very responsive globally, and our turnaround and response times make us very agile when you need help fast.
We’re on the leading edge
We combine years of proven frontline trauma experience with the latest technology to make therapy available to anyone, anywhere, at any time. We’re on the leading edge of trauma therapy through virtual reality, saving potentially vulnerable employees from long, stressful journeys to receive their treatment. The technology also means the therapy can be used at any time of the day so that they never need help ‘out of hours’.

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