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Advice for managers, HR and occupational health

Advice for managers, HR and occupational health

What is it?

Whether you have employees who already need help, or perhaps you want to be proactive and put systems in place, we can help advise your business.

The best approach is to be proactive: we’re often brought in to work with HR and occupational health teams and line managers so that they are more confident with how to handle these kinds of incidents.

But it might also be that when a critical incident does occur, you need advice for your senior team on how to handle it: your internal and external communications, your processes to be put in place.

How we can help

We work in partnership with some organisations as their in-house resource, but we also offer ad hoc consultancy to any clients who need us on a rolling basis. We often partner with organisations that already have excellent occupational health teams, but who need our specialism in trauma.

“Even if you have in-house resources or EAP, you may find yourself needing to touch base with specialists in trauma. We have years of experience in helping people and companies deal with trauma and learn to move on.”

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