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Bluelight services

Bluelight services

What are bluelight services?

‘Bluelight’ services are emergency services that work on the frontline, and so there is always a need to support their mental health due to the pressures they face in their day-to-day job.

People engaged in the front line are often prone to minimising their own trauma, in deference to the suffering of the people they are treating, or perhaps saving. Often their own associated trauma is buried or pushed down. This denial of their own reality often ends in trauma resurfacing later on.

How we can help

We work regularly with frontline bluelight workers who are regularly exposed to incidents that might cause trauma, from staff to volunteers across services like ambulance, fire and police.

For example, we work with police teams to give them awareness of what to look out for following critical incidents, so that they (and those around them) can recognise the signs to look out for e.g. noticing sudden mood swings.

“Bluelight workers are often revered, rightly, as heroes for the work they do. But that doesn’t mean that they’re indestructible. Far from it. They need to look after themselves just like everyone else – more so, given what they see and do on a daily basis.”

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