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Peer-led programmes

Peer-led programmes

What is it?

Peer-led programmes are a way for people in a company to come together and support one another. They are hugely helpful in enabling people to help one another cope in the aftermath of traumatic incidents, and identify those who will need extra support.

Programmes like TRiM train volunteers in the skills they need to recognise when colleagues are showing signs of stress, or struggling after a distressing experience, and what to do about it. They will be trained in how to escalate support for that colleague within their organisation, or arrange specialist help for those who will need it.

We work with organisations to set up and run their own peer support programmes. They are voluntary, non-judgmental and rely on honest and direct communication. We help set up formal support groups as well as informal and one-on-one peer support.

“Trauma can have a transformative effect on a victim’s world view, making them more suspicious and fearful. In turn this makes someone less likely to ask for help, even if they’re able to recognise the signs that they’re struggling. Peer-led programmes are a great way to help colleagues spot those signs early, and make sure the person affected gets the help they need.”

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