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Trauma Risk in Management (TRiM)

Trauma Risk in Management (TRiM)

What is TRiM?

TRiM is a trauma-centric peer support system that originated with the UK armed forces, and it’s designed to help people who have experienced a traumatic, or potentially traumatic, event.

It’s based on a model of ‘watchful waiting’, where volunteers are trained to be able to look out for signs that individuals, who have undergone a traumatic event (or been indirectly involved), might need a helping hand. It’s almost like a buddy system.

TRiM practitioners are non-medical personnel trained to understand (and spot) the effects that traumatic events can have upon people. They aren’t counsellors or therapists, but understand confidentially and are able to listen and offer practical advice and assistance.

How we can help

From an organisational point of view, having a TRiM system in place makes it much less likely that people who are suffering will need time off work. It can also be empowering for your TRiM volunteers.

“They can be the bridge between the affected person and a visit to occupational health. In many cases just being there to listen makes a huge difference to those people.”

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