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Pre and post-deployment

Pre and post-deployment

What is pre and post-deployment preparation?

A psychological assessment is part of pre and post-deployment preparation, and key in making sure that your people can be effective from their very first day on the ground.

How we can help

We work with various organisations that post people abroad (and in the UK) on potentially hazardous assignments, from NGOs to medical teams, from international postings for bluelight services like the police, to journalists from international news organisations.

We work with them both before their posts to make sure they are equipped with a toolkit of psychological techniques and strategies to build resilience and remain safe in unfamiliar (and potentially unpredictable) environments abroad, as well making sure they have the tools they need on their return.

“If you’re sending your people on potentially hazardous, or stressful, work assignments, you need to make sure they’ve got the tools they need to stay well and operational. You don’t want your people hundreds of miles from home, only to realise they can’t cope.”

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