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Trauma Awareness

Trauma Awareness

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The first step in treating trauma is to be able to recognise it. For this you don’t need medical training or years of expertise. We work with organisations to make sure their teams are trauma-aware. What is trauma? How do you spot the signs? How can it affect performance?

This 1-day course is particularly helpful for key workers in bluelight services, but it is equally useful for any organisation that wants to be proactive in equipping its people with the tools they need following a critical incident.

This course will help your people recognise post-traumatic symptoms by understanding how trauma can affect human behaviour. We teach how, and crucially when, to engage with anyone you think might be suffering from post-traumatic symptoms. We’ll also cover how to handle issues that arise in the workplace due to trauma.

“Being able to recognise and approach those suffering from trauma can prevent their unnecessary suffering, as well as expensive absenteeism and, ultimately, them leaving the work force.”

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