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Sensorimotor Psychotherapy

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy

What is Sensorimotor Psychotherapy?

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy treats what has happened to the body following trauma as just as important as what’s happened in the mind.

Traumatic experiences can become trapped deep within the body, while the victim can be completely unaware that there’s unresolved trauma. Traditional ‘talking’ therapies might not be right as a result.

Therapists trained in sensorimotor therapy techniques can help a trauma victim begin to heal by helping them re-experience, in a safe environment, the physical sensations their body associates with a traumatic incident.

The sensorimotor approach treats a person’s physical, mental, and emotional states in combination, so that the physical sensations associated with trauma can be managed and gently relieved, often without the trauma victim needing to relive the incident.

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